Online Only Auction Questions

Online Only Auctions Questions/Answers
What is an online only auction? 
An online only auction, is an auction in which all bidding is done on the internet.  There is a specific start & end time.  
Can I view the items in person?
Yes.  We have open houses for each online only auction.  This will allow  you to be able to hold the item in your own hands & determine what it is worth.
Can I bid at the auction site?
Yes. Just talk to our staff and they can get a bid placed for you.
What if I do not have a computer?
No computer, no problem.  You can either stop into one of the open houses or call our main office & we can bid on your behalf.
How do I register?
Click "View Catalog & Bid" on any auction. Then click either link in the auction catalog to register/create an account.

How do I know what I bid on & how much?
When you are logged into any catalog, click on the YOUR ITEMS tab at the top of the catalog. This will show the current bid and your max bid. 

Can I add lots to a watchlist?
When you are logged into any catalog, click on the star symbol next to the SET MAX tab. This will put the lots inthe YOUR ITEMS tab. To remove from your list, just unclick the star.

How do I change my personal information?
When logged in, you can change all the information you originally registered with including username, password, address, etc.

How do I bid on an item?
When you are logged in, you can enter any catalog to start bidding. Go to the lot you wish to bid on and either click the bid button or SET MAX to enter a larger bid.

I accidentally bid more than I wanted, what do I do?
To avoid this problem, always double check.  Whenever a bid is submitted, a pop up appears to authorize the bid. It states the amount you had bid on the item. Bids can be removed, but it is at the sole discretion of the auction company. If you contact us immediately after placing the bid, it can be removed. Bids will only be removed prior to 24 hours of the closing of an auction. Once a bid is placed, it is a legal & binding contract. We do understand mistakes happen, so contact (715) 273-3377 with any questions.

I currently have the high bid, but wish to increase my max?
No problem. Just click on SET MAX on the lot to enter a new max bid amount.
Can I bid on an item more than once?
You can bid as many times as you wish on any item. 
What are the bidding increments?
The bidding increments are as follows:
0 - $50 = $1  
$50 - $100 = $2  
$100 - $200 = $5  
$200 - $500 = $10  
$500 - $1000 = $25  
$1000 - $5000 = $50
$5000 - $10,000 = $100
$10,000 - $25,000 = $250
$25,000 - $50,000 = $500
$50,000 - $100,000 = $1000
$100,000 - $250,000 = $2500
$250,000 - $500,000 = $5000
$500,000 & up = $10,000

Can I be snipped on an item?
No.  All of our auctions included a 3 minute auto extend for any bid placed in the last three minutes of an auction.  This means, if anyone bids on an item, it will go into extended bidding for 3 minutes.  This allows ample time for you to go in & increase your bid if you wish to do so.  
Snipping is a tool which has become popular with internet auction buyers.  The software allows you to have your bid placed at the last second before the auction ends.  Our system does not allow this to happen.
I forgot my password.
To get a new password, go to the login/register page and click "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?".  When here, just fill out the info provided.  If you still cannot login, please contact our main office.  (Remember: Usernames & passwords are case & space sensitive).
For more info, please contact our main office at (715) 273-3377.

For emergency assistance, contact 
Jeff Hines at (715) 307-1275 or Ken Pasche at (651) 210-1036.
When auctions are ending, contact us at 
(715) 273-3377 for assistance.