Online Only Auctions

What is Proxibid & How Will it Work For Me?


1)      What is an Online Only Auction?

-Unlike a traditional auction, this takes place online. There is no auctioneer. Each item is offered for sale (on the internet only) and internet bidders can bid as if they were at a live auction, except they do it from the comfort of their homes.


2)      How do I see all the items?

-         All of the items are photographed & cataloged. We take the best photos possible, but sometimes you just need to hold the item. For this, we conduct open houses for every Online Only Auction to allow the bidder to come and see the items in person.


3)      Why would I want to use an Online Only Auction?

-         We have proven, through all our Online Only auctions, that you will have better results. Not only do you have your regular bidders, but now you are global. By being global, you get more bidders. By having more bidders, you increase the sale price of your items. In our experience, we have found that we have increased the bids on the overall auction by 40-50%. Simply put, more money.


3)      If you buy online, how do you get what you bought?

-         There is a specific date set for pickup from every auction. This way, the buyer can setup any arrangements needed to pickup their items. If you need items shipped, we handle all of the shipping. Each buyer is charged a small handling fee and the shipping charges.


4)      What sells well on Online Only Auctions?

-         Simply put, everything. The best time for an online auction, is when you have a specialty sale or a lot of collectible items. We have sold everything from coins to glassware to antiques and diecasts. As we all know, there are only so many buyers in any given area for certain merchandise. By using the online auction you increase your buying base. This will allow you to have a better return on your items.